5 Powerful Tips To Start A Diet & Lose Weight


Losing weight can be quite simple at first, but starting and continuing a long-term diet is a more complicated task. Discover 5 keys to start dieting and lose weight safely.

If you have failed with other diets that you start every Monday and you don’t lose weight but gain weight, don’t worry. In this article, we are going to give you all of the tips to get you started on a diet and lose weight safely.

Losing those pounds that tarnish your physical and mental health is sometimes a difficult goal to achieve. It does not mean that you made a mistake. In many cases, starting a diet, following it for the long term and persevering to achieve the desired objectives is not always easy.

It is difficult to start a different diet and change your habits by limiting the foods we love so much. However, the main motivation is to know that you will regain your health and that you will be in better condition to face life.

Identify the reasons before starting a slimming diet

Before giving you all of our advice, you should first identify your goals and the reasons for starting a diet to lose weight. This seems clear because motivation is already a motive, but there is always something beyond the obvious.

For this, we advise you to make a list and note the advantages and disadvantages that will arise from this process.

This technique will make you aware of the context in which you start this path which will be filled with changes. It will also help you clear your mind and stimulate you when you want to give up on a diet.

1. To start the goal must be clear and realistic

Everyone would like to have a perfect, muscular body, but it’s not that simple. The idea is to lose the pounds you want at the right time and, moreover, to do so without compromising your health.

The first step is to learn to eat a balanced diet, and for this, it will sometimes be necessary to change your eating habits.

These eating habits must adapt perfectly to your needs. Each individual is different and therefore it is important to follow a personalized diet that adapts individually.

So your goals and the time to achieve them may not be like or match those of another person. Remember that the ideal is to lose about a pound or two a week. This should be your main motivation.

For this purpose, the process may be slow, but the result must be maintained over time.

2. Weight shouldn’t be an obsession

Sometimes weight is a somewhat misleading measure. Therefore, we recommend that you assess the weight changes with your clothes.

Perhaps the best way to measure your progress is to use a dress or pants. If you want to know if you’re on the right track, use those clothes that didn’t suit you before. In this way, you will be able to check if the diet has really worked as you expected.

Therefore, in a diet, weight should never become an obsession. You should know that the weight can vary depending on different factors and in particular the amount of water you have ingested during the day.

Other reasons can influence weight, such as digestive or intestinal transit problems or if you have your period.

During your diet, you don’t have to control your weight every day. This should not be the only parameter to use to measure your progress.

3. Several meals a day

Remember: you don’t have to skip meals to lose weight. A common mistake, for example, is not to eat breakfast or to suppress dinner altogether.

  • If you skip a meal, you will be more hungry, and want to snack between meals.
  • This habit can lead you to eat unbalanced foods.
  • Also, you should not eat fried or industrial foods. Indeed, these products contain a large number of fats which are not healthy and which make you fat.

Eat more than three meals a day and supplement your diet with healthy snacks in which you can include fresh fruit, dried or frozen fruit.

Starting a balanced diet deserves serious planning. Take some time at the start of the week to plan and prepare your meals in advance. You should also avoid eating outside the house, it is often much more caloric and much less healthy.

Another tip is not to shop when you are hungry. You may be tempted to buy more food than you really need. It can also encourage you to buy foods that are not very healthy and that will prevent you from following your diet.

Try to make a weekly shopping list and include all the food you will need. If you do not follow this step, you can consume products that are harmful to your diet. It would be a shame to improvise and fail to achieve your weight loss goals.

4. One meal and one dish

It’s a very easy strategy. This method will allow you to make meals healthier and more nutritionally balanced. It works this way: half the plate should be filled with vegetables that can be raw or cooked. Try to vary the vegetables every day.

A quarter of the plate should contain proteins, which can be meats, eggs, fish, legumes or vegetable proteins.

The other quarter of the plate should contain carbohydrates such as rice, pasta, bread or potatoes. The idea is to choose whole grains. You can end your meal with fruit.

You can also use small plates, to serve you much smaller portions. This is another technique that will prevent you from overeating.

By the way, it is very important to strive to consume much more fiber-rich foods and fewer carbohydrates. Indeed, foods that contain a lot of fiber help to digest and eliminate toxins, which facilitates weight loss.

It is not enough to reduce the number of calories you consume. The goal is to learn to control the amount of food you eat at each meal. It is, therefore, unnecessary to want to skip one of the meals of the day to lose weight. It is rather necessary to make three meals a day, but by reducing the quantities ingested, and to drink water between meals.

5. Play sports and drink water

You will get a lot of benefits if you practice physical activity regularly. Starting the day with a little sport will help you lose body fat and avoid a sedentary lifestyle. It will also allow you to improve your physical condition and your health.

In addition, exercise will give you endorphins and make you feel much better psychologically. Diet and sport complement each other perfectly.

In addition, during your diet, you should always drink a good amount of water which will also help you lose weight.

Besides, water is the main component of our bodies. During the day, you should drink between a liter and a half and two liters of water.

The only drink that provides a feeling of fullness without causing water retention and that provides no calories is water. Staying hydrated is another way to lose weight gradually.

By increasing water consumption, your body will be able to expel more toxins, which will also aid in weight loss.

There are many healthy and risk-free diets that can help you regain your figure gradually. In reality, many of them are useful in preventing diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.

So it is very important to understand that, although food is a mainstay, it is not a question of making too strict restrictions or diets which can be dangerous. While these options provide temporary results, none provide the benefits of a healthy diet.

Today, we are sharing with you in this article the 3 best healthy diets so that you can try them and regain your figure.


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