5 Powerful Yoga Postures To Work The Abs and Burn Belly Fat

5 Powerful Yoga Postures To Work The Abs and Burn Belly Fat

Yoga is a very extensive and effective discipline with so many advantages. It allows the body and mind to relax, to get rid of stress, but it is also a great way to strengthen the body muscularly. 

In this post, we will show you 5 targeted yoga postures to burn belly fat and strengthen your abs at the same time.

This is because, looking beyond the aesthetic and attractive aspect of having a flat belly, the abdomen plays a major role in the body. Indeed, the abdomen supports the spine and also supports the organs inside the stomach.

To avoid worries and injuries, it is therefore recommended to have a strong and reinforced abdomen.

So here are 5 incredible yoga postures to work the abs, burn belly fat and have a perfectly toned belly.

Kumbhakasana, the plank posture

Start off in the dog’s posture. Inhale and move the chest forward to align the shoulders directly above the wrists, with the wrist creases parallel to the top of the mat, spread the fingers wide apart and let the weight be distributed evenly on both arms.

Make sure your core and thighs are well engaged to prevent lowering/sagging in the lower back and lengthen the tailbone towards the heels

The buttocks are down and the body forms a straight line. Contract the abdominals and keep the posture while you breathe deeply. Stay in the posture for up to 5 and 10 breaths. You can find a detailed guide on how to do the Kumbhakasana here.


This yoga exercise workout routine strengthens the abs, the glutes, and the thighs. It also has a positive effect on the upper body as it helps strengthen the wrists and muscles of the shoulders and arms. 

Bhujangânasa, the cobra posture

Lying with your face down, the forehead resting to the yoga mat, keep legs extended, and feet joined together.

Stretch your neck by inclining your nose and chin forward as much as possible. Then raise your head, without using any of the arms at first.

Straighten your legs well to the toes. Now, slowly lift the chest, contracting your back muscles and now using your arms to help you lift the torso to the maximum of your ability.

The navel must remain on the ground, firmly pushed on the carpet. The feet then separate naturally.

Then remain static in this phase and breathe deeply 5 to 10 times.


This yoga posture will stretch, tone and strengthen the abs. By stretching the spine, it will also work the spine and strengthen it. 

Navasana, the posture of the boat

Sit on the mat with your stretched legs straight in front of you, your hands also on the floor, and then lean back slightly. 

Distribute your weight evenly between the buttocks. While exhaling, raise the feet off the ground so that it forms a 45° angle to the ground. 

Point the toes towards the ceiling and the arms stretch along with the legs, both parallel to the ground. Find your balance point. Inhale deeply while opening the cage.


This yoga posture is a great way to strengthen the laps. It also strengthens the hip flexors and the back muscles.

Dhanurasana, the posture of the bow

Lie down on your stomach, legs and arms stretched out, slightly separated, keep the palms of both hands flat on the floor, and also place your forehead on the ground. 

Bend your knees, bring your feet towards the glutes and grab the ankles. Now relax the back.

The legs have to be the driving force while establishing this yoga posture. Inhale, then push the feet back and up by contracting the thighs and calves to raise the chest and stretch the arms.

Only the abdomen remains in contact with the floor. Open up your chest and look straight ahead.

Keep your focus on the pelvis. Stay in this position for up to a minute. Exhale and slowly return to the lying position on your stomach.

Do this yoga posture 2 to 3 times.


This yoga posture is very effective to strengthen the abdomen. Once you’re in position,  swing slightly back and forth, while breathing deeply.

This swing allows a full massage of the abdomen while stretching your back and your body.

This posture also relaxes the spine, opens up the shoulders and the ribcage.

Vasisthasana, the side plank posture

Start in the dog’s position, place your right foot on your left foot and place your hand on the hip by tilting your body. 

Your arm on the ground stays firm and push the ground with your palm to have more strength and balance.

Lift your right arm towards the ceiling. Maintain this posture for 30 seconds and then switch to the other side.


The side plank is a modification of the normal plank. It helps strengthen obliques, glutes, and waist.


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