8 Symptoms That Warn You of Vitamin C Deficiency


More than strengthening our immune system, vitamin C is essential for cell repair and recovery from lesions. The latter indeed take longer to heal if we have a vitamin C deficiency.

We know that vitamins play a fundamental role in everything related to the health and proper functioning of the body.

Vitamin C is one of the most well-known and important. It is indeed essential to strengthen the immune system and also participates in many body processes.

Its usual consumption improves blood circulation. It  also promotes cell growth and minimizes the negative effects of oxidative damage.

It is also necessary for a good absorption of iron and the use of calcium, which allows to obtain other interesting benefits.

A vitamin C deficiency can therefore lead to a series of negative reactions that affect directly the physical and mental condition.

If it is difficult to notice at first, some symptoms appear over time, making the vitamin C deficiency obvious.

Discover them!

1. Fragility and hair loss

Fragility and hair loss are often associated with multiple factors that can damage the scalp and hair.

Among them, vitamin C deficiency is one of the common causes, because it is an essential nutrient to maintain collagen and the proteins that give it strength.

A diet poor in foods that contain it can cause dryness, loss and sensitivity of the scalp.

2. Recurrent infections

People with vitamin C deficiency tend to develop more infections than those who consume it in the amount necessary for health.

This nutrient is essential for the body’s defense mechanisms and, ultimately, a decrease in its levels reduces its ability to destroy the pathogens that cause any type of disease.

Repeated urinary tract infections, oral problems and skin allergies are signs that we should increase consumption.

3. Mood changes

Although many of us ignore it, this vitamin also has a strong connection to emotional health.

Its adapted levels bring mental stability, tranquility and control over the hormones that cause bad mood .

A drop in the body can cause irritability , stress and other negative emotions that affect us.

4. Fatigue

The tiredness or ongoing fatigue is a symptom that occurs for many reasons and health problems.

Vitamin C deficiency is no exception, as this nutrient is necessary for optimal physical and mental performance.

Not ingesting the right quantities prevents good rest and prolongs the feeling of exhaustion.

5. Injuries difficult to treat

As this nutrient is necessary for proper oxygenation and cell repair , its decrease in the body prevents wounds from healing normally.

It is common that surface lesions take longer to heal and bruises appear the next day.

6. Physical pain

Permanent physical pain should be analyzed by a specialist because there are many causes that can trigger it.

Among them, nutritional deficiencies are very common, especially because they directly affect muscle and joint health.

For example, the lack of vitamin C decreases the good absorption of certain minerals, which leads to muscle weakening.

In addition, this lack prevents the proper synthesis of collagen and causes weakness in the cartilage that protects the joints.

7. Dry skin

Daily consumption of vitamin C is one of the best habits for having soft, beautiful and healthy skin.

This nutrient prevents the early loss of collagen and elastin , two substances responsible for maintaining firmness and elasticity.

Its regular ingestion minimizes the negative effects of free radicals, it also promotes the elimination of toxins and reduces the risk of premature aging.

In addition it is essential for good skin hydration, as it facilitates the absorption of nutrients and liquids.

8. Cardiovascular diseases

The early development of certain cardiovascular diseases may be linked to the lack of vitamin C in the diet.

Although they are conditioned by many factors, the low levels of this nutrient influence its development.

Its antioxidant action decreases the accumulation of cholesterol, also promotes cleansing of the blood and stimulates the elimination of toxins.

It is therefore essential to improve the connective tissue of our organs, because it supports the functionality of our cells, veins and arteries.

Do you have doubts about this nutritional deficiency? Learn about the natural sources that contain it and try to improve your eating habits to get the right amount.


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