The Best Foods To Reduce Appetite


To lose weight, diet is essential. In this article, we show you the foods you should eat to help you control your appetite.

When dieting, it’s normal to want to eat certain high-calorie foods (whether sweet or savory). The same thing happens if, for whatever reason, we feel anxious or depressed. But do you know how to reduce appetite?

We recommend certain foods to reduce appetite that you can eat at any time.

Foods to Reduce Appetite

Often we think we are hungry, but in reality, it is another feeling: boredom, anxiety, depression, etc.

When we are attacked by the desire to eat anything, it is possible to finish a packet of crisps or a cake without realizing it.

In the case of people who are dieting to lose weight, it is normal for them to have “peaks” of greater dietary needs, especially they have consumed fewer calories than those which the body needs.

If you want to achieve good results and reduce appetite, we recommend the following foods.

Keep in mind that they are not miraculous, but that they can help you.

1. Greek yogurt

Unlike plain yogurt, this type of dairy product has been filtered to remove liquid whey. It is, therefore, more creamy and full of protein.

When you’re very hungry, all you have to do is eat a jar of unsweetened Greek yogurt. It will provide you with 15 grams of good quality protein (plain yogurt only contains 7 grams).

This element satisfies the appetite more than carbohydrates or fats. And, most importantly, it doesn’t contain as many calories.

2. Ripened cheeses

With one or two pieces of cheese, you can satisfy your appetite.

It is better to choose cheeses with low salt or fat content. The important thing is that you will receive a good amount of protein to eliminate the little gurgles in your stomach.

When you think you can’t wait another minute without eating and there is still time before the next meal, a piece of dry cheese can help.

3. Black coffee

There are opinions for and against caffeine because of its effects. But drinking a cup a day is not bad for your health. For this, it must meet certain requirements.

It needs to be black, contains no sugar, and not add any cream, milk, or any other ingredient. Coffee can improve metabolic functioning and reduce the feeling of hunger.

Its effects are maintained until three hours after its consumption.

4. Avocado

Avocado is one of the most recommended foods for reducing appetite. Because it provides many nutrients – among others – healthy omega-9 fats (beneficial for the circulatory system in general and the heart in particular).

These satisfy us faster than carbohydrates and even proteins.

Vegetable oils with a high oleic oil content of avocado transform into a compound called oleoylethanolamide. This acts on the nerve fibers and sends a signal of satiety to the brain.

In addition, this fruit can be an excellent substitute for the usual ingredients of sandwiches, salads or meats.

5. Olive oil

Its benefits resemble those of avocado. The extra virgin olive oil provides many essential nutrients that fight food appetite.

In addition, it completely transforms the flavor of our meals. For example, you can eat olives when you have a lot of appetite or season salads with this oil. You will avoid the empty “stomach” feeling so common in some diets.

6. Vegetable soups

It is undoubtedly one of the best foods for reducing appetite for several reasons. First, because they contain hot water that “fills” the stomach for a few hours.

Second, because they are made up of different vegetables that provide satiating protein.

You can consume the soup with vegetables (carrots, zucchini, celery, chard). Or take only the hot broth in the middle of the morning or the afternoon, for example. Or also mix everything in the blender to get a meal that will completely eliminate hunger.

In addition, taking a few minutes to savor a delicious vegetable broth can reduce the stress or anxiety that makes us eat more. And it’s a comforting dish against the cold of winter!

7. Red peppers

If you are a strong spice eater, you can take advantage of the benefits of chili, for example, to lose weight and avoid hunger.

Adding this food to meals or snacks can reduce the number of calories consumed throughout the day.

Red peppers activate the oral receptors responsible for the burning sensation. This causes a “flight or fight” reaction in the metabolism.

This keeps us from overeating. If you don’t like spicy foods, start by adding small amounts of red pepper to pasta, pizza or chicken.

8. Fruit smoothies

Eating an apple or pear in the middle of your workday is not the same as enjoying a delicious fruit-based smoothie.

You can even add bananas once or twice a week. It’s very simple and you can make the combinations you want.

Do not add sugar, but a little water to make them thinner. Innovate every day to consume a different smoothie. Apples, pears, peaches, grapes, oranges … everything is allowed to reduce appetite. And they allow us to cool off in summer.


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